How it works

Vehicle tracking system provides live GPS tracking capability that enables tracking up to minuteby-minute information and management of your vehicles, through the easy-to-use web interface which is the most convenient way to track your vehicles using computer or any mobile device at any time.    

TRACK24/7 Fleet Management 

Our Vehicle Tracking System is the only product that is offered and bundled with a comprehensive Fleet Management Software/System. The Fleet Management system is web-based hosted software, that enables companies to manage the usage of your vehicles and all costs related to the operations of your vehicle or its fleet (ie. Fuel, parts, Services, Insurance, COF, Log Book etc.


  • 24/7 monitoring by our 24-hour Control Room 
  • Email alerts (free as required)
  • Real-time updates every 10 seconds 
  • View of routes travelled by individuals & drivers 
  • 24-hour history & trip reports (plan a trip for your driver) 
  • Geo-fencing 
  • Zone alarms (permitted areas and „no-go‟ zones) 
  • Over-border alerts
  • Over-speeding alerts/reports 
  • Over-idle alerts/reports 
  • Power-down alerts and battery tamper alerts with 24-hour
  • Managing of fuel usage and fuel reports 
  • Daily trip reports 
  • SARS-compliant travel log book (business / private) 
  • Vehicle service reminder 
  • Vehicle shut-down in the event of vehicle theft